Half commission for mewkeere, and half palette challenge. Mosur is one of my favorite things to draw, I think.

They didn’t pay for color, but they’re great and patient and I was inspired, so they get it anyway.



Stream freebie

It’s thecrippledmuse's Saashenka! Sweet blind baby.

Oh my gosh! I just saw this! I love it so much. Ahhh she’s so precious! I’m so flattered. Thank you so much!!!

I drew this a while back for one of those pallette meme’s.

Technically it’s human fem!Tori, from DMMD, but she looks pretty rad on her own. IDK. Girls with Chelsea hawks or even half Chelseas make me swoon.

I need to do more of those. They’re great warmups.

Back from Metrocon!

I apologize for all of my inactivity before and after! But I should have updates soon.

And thank you new followers! I hope you enjoy your stay!

brandnewsneakers asked: Why 'ello, friend! I looked up "Titan Eren" and I ended up finding your blog! *chuckles* -Lisa

O-oh. Haha. Well, I’m glad you managed to stumble across here!

Anonymous asked: I just wanted to tell you how much I love your mustachioed Ezio.

Haha! Thank you. He’s pretty grand. Haven’t changed him since I started this blog, so I guess that’s something.

I finally updated my side link to my personal blog. I didn’t realize it was broken for the longest time.


Also, hello new followers!! I really appreciate it!!

Anonymous asked: I thought your url said the crippled mouse for a moment

Pfft. That works too.


I Touched a Titan, and I Liked It: The saga.

It’s so hot.

I wish I knew who Titan Eren was. Thank you for letting me touch you awkwardly. You’re a trooper, and I’m ridiculous.

Immortalized in photos by this guy. At Katsucon 2014

Oh my god how did this suddenly get over 2,000 notes?? Thank you so much.

So! I decided to hit up Metrocon in Tampa, FL this year! It’s my first time going, and I’m meeting up with some people I haven’t seen in a while, as well as a visit to my dad and some RP friends! And I think I’ve finally figured out my line up! Don’t know what days I’m wearing what save for one, but hey. No big.

  • Supergirl (DC Comics)
  • Elizabeth (Bioschock Infinite)
  • Mink (DRAMAtical Murder Re:Connect)
  • Hanji Zoe/Zoe Hange (Attack on Titan)

Hope to maybe see some of you there??

Ah yes. At last I am ready to commence the ritual that will transform me into the bara. Complete with animal sacrifice.

Still waiting on my wefts so I can finish my wig, but I hope to knock out this coat and jewelry tomorrow.

My beads for a certain gay bara just came in. Cat must of course investigate.

I should also go straighten my wig a bit more. Probably.

Just in case y’all had any illusion that I was a classy person.

Photo brought to you cortusey of ZeronXepher.

bisquickbismarck asked: Your mermaid DMMD art is just darling and wonderful. Could I convince you to let me write a fic based on it? <3

Oh my gosh, thank you so much! Go for it! I’d be flattered!!

Been working on this for too long and its not where I want it but OH WELL.

Have some KouAo mermen. Aoba is a crowntail betta because (according to my gf) they’re kind of oblivious and fight with their reflections. Koujaku is a fancy koi because I mean come on.

And we’ll all float on all right.