I’ve been in a drawing mood lately, so come drop by.

Probably DMMD related and nothing terribly serious.

One of these days, I ought to either invest in s a scanner with a larger bed, or start drawing in smaller sketchbooks.

Anyway, commission for David is well underway! Just need to ink and shade this guy.

So, my girlfriend and I got our photos back from our KouAo shoot back at Animazement. And I couldn’t pick a favorite. We may or may not have gotten a few serious shots too. Maybe. 

Koujaku is myself
Aoba is damnaoba
Photographer who somehow put up with us.

I could still use some marker practice, tbh.

My Rogue/Warden, Chrissinne.

bluesapphireglory asked: "Sir Ezio Auditore" Is all I can think when I see your avatar lol which assassin's creed have you played?

All of them! It’s one of my favorite game series! But Assassin’s Creed II is my favorite of the lot.

Working on a warm up for some of my marker commissions, because I haven’t worked with it in a while. But I wanted to save the sketch while I could, because I tend to butcher things in the inking stage. W-whoops. May also color digitally later. IDK.

Have Chrissinne being… well… Chrissinne.

All Commissions Slots Reserved!

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for your interest! I’m sorry to say that all of my free slots for this round are currently reserved, and I am temporarily closed again. They may open up again soon if any prove to be pending. 

I hope to move through these very quickly and should be able to open again very, very soon!

This is actually the fastest I have ever filled reservations, so I am very appreciative of everyone’s interest! Thank you so much!

Hello friends! I’m opening up select traditional commission types in order to scrape up some spare funds for some computer repairs, and some other life necessities! My laptop is needing some replacement parts, and the labor that goes with that, and having that computer is very necessary for a lot of my other work, art and otherwise. So I’m very desperately needing to get that taken care of! Because of this, please understand that I am NOT accepting digital commissions at this time. Still interested? Well here’s what we have! All prices are in USD.


  • Sketch - $5 (Examples 1, 2)
  • Inked & Shaded w/ Splash of Color** - $15 (Example)

Fully Body:

  • Sketch - $10 (Example 1, 2)
  • Inked - $15 (Example)
  • Inked & Shaded w/ Splash of Color**- $20 (Example)

Each Additional Character (full body only): $10

** Please Specify Pencil or Marker

I currently have ten slots available! Any Fandom, and Original Characters are more than welcome! If interested, please send me an ask, fan mail (if able), or email (oh.thatsabingo@gmail.com) so we can work out details! I accept PayPal, however if this is not possible, I am willing to work out other options. Look forward to working with you!

You know, this pretty much sums up both mine and my girlfriend’s relationship, as well as this ship in particular fairly accurately.

Otakon is in just a few days, and I’m only just now figuring out my line up. See you there!

Friday: FIFA 2014 Germany (APH), Klein (Sword art Online)
Saturday: Koujaku (DRAMAtical Murder), Lancer (Fate/Stay Night)
Sunday: Me! (me.)


First photo I’ve gotten back from mine & my girlfriend’s fem!Germancest photoshoot. I’m really pleased with how it turned out! I hope you like! It’s nice to be our OTP together~

Nyo!Prussia is me, Germanbrothers

Nyo!Germany is thecrippledmuse

Photographer is Phil Neff

Remember that photoshoot I talked about a few months back? Well this was it!

Half commission for mewkeere, and half palette challenge. Mosur is one of my favorite things to draw, I think.

They didn’t pay for color, but they’re great and patient and I was inspired, so they get it anyway.



Stream freebie

It’s thecrippledmuse's Saashenka! Sweet blind baby.

Oh my gosh! I just saw this! I love it so much. Ahhh she’s so precious! I’m so flattered. Thank you so much!!!

I drew this a while back for one of those pallette meme’s.

Technically it’s human fem!Tori, from DMMD, but she looks pretty rad on her own. IDK. Girls with Chelsea hawks or even half Chelseas make me swoon.

I need to do more of those. They’re great warmups.

Back from Metrocon!

I apologize for all of my inactivity before and after! But I should have updates soon.

And thank you new followers! I hope you enjoy your stay!